The color white as there, snow to be in perfect harmony with nature during your hikes in the mountains or your afternoon's snowboard, ski, or snowmobile. Only the most fastidious people think of matching their outfits with nature. With this thought, you will be able to dominate and impose your taste and knowledge for fashion. Timeless and timeless the white balaclava and also often on the rap scene.


A recipe is already known, but also a strong symbol the balaclava is linked to the street, to the crime, this white color that means purity and far from all that. A contrast therefore a kind of metaphor that artists like to use. Often, they use this accessory to express their creativity with games of fleece, fleece, and classic wool. For some time now, embroidery, flocking and the addition of a protective mask on the ski mask have been done. This is a change from the white 3 hole hoods that are the least risky choice to be stylish to beat the big cold in winter


White evokes clarity, purity, light, truth, consciousness: it possesses a higher dimension that translates the divine intention. But white can also seem empty, without consistency and relief. We speak of absence, transparency, silence, lack of life. This means that white must be complemented by black, without which it would have no meaning. Thus, white and black form a complementary and inseparable pair. Your white balaclava will be perfect to complete a monotonous black outfit.

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