Red is a strong color appreciated by all. This hood has a strong symbolism the red color reminds the blood and indirectly reminds the crime and the street. This particular model is often appreciated by the rappers who make Drill, or simply the lovers of red. Wearing this kind of accessory will make people look at you directly and expose your stylistic and fashion knowledge to everyone around you. 


Black, white, or pink, have been seen and seen again, and generally, they don't have the personality of red. This color is for the fiery spirits who like to live life to the fullest. Bikers, rappers, artists, and even skiers who love red runs. In this range, the merino wool will be very present with the classic models 1 hole, 2 holes, and 3 holes that will suit all those who love red!


Red is surely the most fascinating and ambiguous color.

It plays on paradoxes, animates passionate feelings in complete contradiction: love / anger, sensuality / courage / danger, ardor / prohibition...

This color stirs feelings without any doubt. It stands out as a warm, energetic, penetrating, and somehow reassuring and enveloping color.

You like the warm side of the red, you will also love the cold side of our blue balaclava collection