Between the extravagance and the classic, the pink balaclava, it is made of a lot of personalities. The collection is separated into several variations, several choices go between the hood 3 holes, the hood 2 holes, and the hood 1 hole. It is designed for characters with a lot of charisma and a style all their own. This character likes to get the choice of colors and materials. There are several: fleece for fans of hiking in the great cold, wool ideal for winter, nylon for races in extreme conditions.


Frequently, people wear sober and gloomy colors during the harsh winters, only a handful of people try bright colors for their winter outfits. It is quite rare to come across this kind of person who likes to have unique outfits that bring cheerfulness to the cold and lifeless winter landscape. These people usually leave no one indifferent. The originality is the expected goal and this color neon pink, light pink or bright pink is not within the reach of all. This, considered for women, goes just as well for men. Our fitted cut goes to any type of head and face our balaclavas are unisex.


Warm, and comforting, sometimes soft the color pink is made for dreamers who like to be in the clouds. Often associated with romance, and kindness, the color pink is made for delicate beings who pay attention to their style

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