The blue balaclava can be a sober choice as well as extravagant. We could see it on Russ Millions with Big Shark, but it's not the one that democratized this color on a hood. It's mostly that people love blue and then the choice and the possibilities of who follows. You can reach a high level of class with the dark blue but you can also be original with royal blue as with neon pink.


In this collection, there are the classic models with merino wool with different styles 3 holes, 2 holes, and 1 hole. But we also have some more technical models that are often for ski lovers with fleece and a visor. We also offer light nylon hoods that will fit perfectly under a helmet. The range is completely seen in all shades of blue between navy and light blue.


It is one of the favorite colors of Westerners: indeed, it is omnipresent around us. Blue is the echo of life, travel, and discovery, both literally and figuratively (personal introspection). Like water that quenches the thirst, blue has a refreshing and pure side that allows us to find a certain inner calm linked to deep things.

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