The biker classic, the black balaclava, is the choice for safety. The range presents all imaginable styles of the black balaclava, 2 holes, 3 holes, and even 1 hole. It is the basic model for everyone, the materials however are different. You can go from the technical fleece for the mountaineers, the nylon balaclava for the bikers who wear a helmet, and the classic woolen one which is the obvious choice for the first time.


The original choice yes, it's not a risk, it's just that it's the basic choice the most accessible hood. Original, it is also, because it is under this color and with 2 holes that the hood was known, the same model as the black hood in Riverdale. Victim of its success, it has become a basic hood that is widely used for motorcycles, or even for creative with a rap video in the theme of the Drill.


Like white, there is an open debate as to whether black is a color. According to color psychology, black is very much linked with the world of night, yet black is an elemental color in all wardrobes and often surrounds us with its presence. It is functional and very useful to go to a night party or to look more elegant for a certain occasion that requires sobriety. Warm, and comforting, sometimes soft the color pink is made for dreamers who like to be in the clouds. Often associated with romance, and kindness, the color pink is made for delicate beings who pay attention to their style.

Do you like the sobriety of black? You will love the elegance of our white balaclava collection