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The color white is the purity, the clairvoyance. The symbol of the dark and anonymous hood and the opposite of the color white. It is therefore the exact opposite, the hot and the ice. This accessory will make your outfit classy, it is ideal to wear during snowy weather. This original choice is perfect to brighten up your evenings perfect to equip your motorcycle gear or complete your beginner rapper outfit!


Step out of your comfort zone and dare a maximum, a vast choice of style that goes from the basic 3-hole hood, the very useful 2-hole hood, and the 1-hole hood that remains quite rare. They'll serve your style for a drill-themed rap video like Russ Million's, or to get your ski or motorcycle team in a little more style. It will be your ally to beat the winter cold with the merino wool material which is the perfect compromise between comfort and protection for your face.


Although white is not strictly speaking a color, the general public classifies it in this category. Perhaps precisely because white is, from an optical point of view, the chromatic synthesis of all visible wavelengths (colors). This probably explains the meaning given to it in the West: that of unity, of perfect balance. For generations, white has been associated with marriage, purity, virginity, and somewhere with perfection and the divine (papal vestment). There are very few "natural" whites in nature.