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A red full of personality, just what you need to finish an outfit in the best way. As Kanye West does in Paris, during the fashion week he released a 1 hole model full of personality. With the wear of the seams too much a destructured set goes against the current of the fashion show Maison Margiela. Our wide presents this model, but also the classic hoods 3 holes, 2 holes, and one hole.


In this range, we use the most used material on a balaclava: merino wool.
We didn't try to be extravagant with camo patterns or embroidery customizations, we stayed on solid bases for the red lovers.


The first thing that strikes the eye when contemplating red, which is sometimes called cadmium red, blood red, fire red, or crushed strawberry, is that it gives off an undeniable sensation of warmth. Being the hottest color of the spectrum, it is natural in chromotherapy to associate it with the symbolism of fire and everything related to it such as temperature, ignition, and combustion.

By symbolic association, red is affiliated with life, because the heat of the tissues is the guarantee of life.

Red represents in terms of basic needs: the need for warmth, the need to survive and keep alive, but also the need to reproduce and the need to be active and work.