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The pink balaclava is a classic, it is radiant with personality. But it can also be in the sobriety with a pale pink tone. The collection is separated into several declinations, several choices go between the hood 3 holes, the hood 2 holes, and the hood 1 hole. That's the style but regarding the choice of materials there are several: the fleece for winter racing lovers, the wool for those who want to stay in their comfort zone, the nylon for the motorcycle lovers in summer.


Often, pink is considered as a woman's color, but men can very well agree with outfits. It is quite rare, but it will leave no one indifferent. The originality, wearing this kind of piece is a risk worth taking. It is sure that to assemble neon pink, light pink, or bright pink is not for everyone. This kind of model is made for creative minds in search of unique outfits.


Pink represents softness, femininity, delicacy, enchantment, sensitivity, courtesy, illusion. But it also has more subtle shades of tone and can be linked to style.

The color pink is adored by more people, the people they bring have a keen sense of fashion.