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The black balaclava is a basic as the white t-shirt. This range explores all existing styles, one hole, two holes, and three holes. One size, one color, and three models. The simplicity is linked to the effectiveness, only one material, thick wool to overcome the big cold and the bad weather. This range is made to answer the problem of the bikers in winter, or of one of the rappers with their anonymity, or of Mr. everyone who prepares, it is a vacation to the assembly and who wants to protect his face from the cold.


What is there to say about this line? Except that we try to reach as many people as possible from all walks of life. From the ski enthusiast to the snowmobiler, to the army fan, this line generally appeals to everyone. Its anti-sweat wool is ideal for all seasons, the perfect choice for a regular runner who fights against UV in the summer and against the cold in the winter. The classic black color will bring a touch of sobriety to your outfits during the winter.


Just like white, black is not strictly speaking a color, but it is associated with it from a psychological point of view since black conveys a symbolic meaning just like color.
Scientifically, black refers to black holes and nothingness. In optics, black absorbs all wavelengths and is therefore characterized by its apparent absence of color, unlike white, which is obtained by returning all wavelengths that it absorbs in equal parts.
In the West, black is associated with mourning, sadness, despair, fear, and death. Represented by the dress of priests and nuns, it also echoes authority, austerity, and rigor.
Behind this dark side, black also offers another face, associated with elegance and simplicity. Perhaps precisely, because black is a neutral color, which does not express passionate feelings.