Yuzmv's biography

YUZMV, a rapper like no other

A rapper with a bandaged face, does that ring a bell? Because yes, YUZMV has made it his identity. His melancholic lyrics seduced more than one in 2020, the year his career took off. He also released his album at the same time. His songs have attracted more than ten million views on the internet. Zoom on this gifted artist who has not been spared by the controversy.

A great passion for music

Native of the South of France, more exactly of Perpignan, YUZMV was born on 09/11/1997. When asked why he does not reveal his identity, he answers that he wants his fans to be attracted more by his music than by his face.

Always enigmatic, he was already an accomplished artist, long before his fame. He got into the music business at a young age because he was introduced to several instruments. First the drums, then the guitar and finally the piano. He has chosen as a signature style the piano-vocal. He is also a good dancer but he admits only with humility his prowess in this field. In his interviews, he reveals that he created his pseudo YUZMV in 2016 and started his career in rap the same year. He often states that music is everything to him. So it's no surprise that he starts to compose his own songs.

A melancholic rapper with a growing reputation

Passionate rapper, the artist admits to focusing on music from 2017. He thus released EPs on soundcloud between 2017 and 2019, which he describes as a draft. But it's in 2020 that he gets noticed. The views and listens on soundcloud explodes until reaching millions of views. He then ranks in the top 10 France on the platform. And his exploits do not stop there: he released on February 28, 2020 his first album with no less than 16 tracks. The success is always there. His tracks like 6Side, an EP released 8 months after his album, inspires more than one. He has more than ten million views on youtube and other platforms on which he is present.

He draws his inspirations from life. He is called a "melancholic rapper" because his lyrics are sullen. Hence the term: "Sad French Rap". With this in mind, he released an EP called Miroir des Limbes, which tells the story of his friend Mehdi's desperate life. The track has totaled over 3 million views in 2020. YUZMV wrote lyrics about how Mehdi got through a painful childhood (he was placed in foster care) and his time in prison. The rapper reveals the full extent of his talent in the associated video.

YUZMV at the heart of the controversy

2020 is the year of accomplishment, but also of controversy for YUZMV. Like all stars, he does not escape the rumors or rather accusations on the web. For proof, a thread was published on twitter on 09/09/2021 where it was clearly explained how he attracted girls, including a minor. The tweet having been deleted, it was believed that no scandal would resurface. But in November 2020, the accusations are at their peak: several girls have complained of being harassed by the rapper. Some speak of blackmail while others refer to racism. Some people even call him a manipulator. The comments are not tender: wrote one of his followers on twitter. Some artists with whom he was going to collaborate have even withdrawn from their project, as was the case of Captain Roshi who did not appreciate the drama.

Faced with these accusations, YUZMV has of course defended itself. In an official statement, he made it clear that he will not hesitate to sue those who continue to spread false rumors about him. Because according to him,

This controversy has tarnished the image of the Star, but with his passion for music, we can be sure that he will fight for his dreams. Attached is a photo of the multi-talented artist who will not stop surprising us.